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I’m no longer in my 4th trimester, will this still work for me?

Our Return to Exercise program is designed to deal with birth-related issues whether your 12 weeks, 12 months, or 12 years postpartum.

What type of exercise equipment do I need for my workouts?

We keep it simple: our programs use an exercise ball, a theraband and yoga block. We recommend this one, available for less than $12 on Amazon.

I had my kids years ago, will this help me?

Our Return to Exercise program is designed to help treat a range of pregnancy and birth related issues. Many women have found it helpful to treat lingering issues, even ones from years ago.


How much does a Session cost?

The full pricing is available here. Members receive 50% off of their first Session and 10% off all follow-up Sessions.

What can I use a Session for?

Sessions are your time for individualized care. Moms use them for birth prep, resolving pain, treating lingering's about you and your goals.

birth prep

When should I do the Birth Prep classes?

If you’re not experiencing pain, we recommend completing these classes within the third trimester. However, if you are experiencing pain during your pregnancy, you can start the course anytime after your first trimester.

Who are the Birth Prep classes designed for?

These classes are designed to prepare a pregnant mother’s body for labor & delivery. The techniques are also very effective in treating common pregnancy and postpartum pain complaints.

What should I do if I’m still having pain after completing the Birth Prep classes?

If you are still having pain after completing the classes, seek out a skilled Physical Therapist for individualized care.

Are the Birth Prep classes for me if I’m having a planned c-section?

Even if you are having a planned c-section, these classes can help with aches & pain during pregnancy. The program also addresses underlying drivers for common postpartum complaints and can assist with postpartum recovery.

The unlocking techniques cause pain. What should I do?

None of the techniques shown in these classes should cause straining or increase any pain. If things are tight - there can be tenderness, but you should never feel more than a 4/10 pain level, and the discomfort should go away when you take away the pressure. For all techniques, only go to your comfort level. If a technique continues to cause pain, you can skip it.

I have some pain after doing the Birth Prep classes. Is this normal?

It is common to have soreness in the addressed areas for 24-72 hours after performing the unlocking techniques. If you still have pain beyond 72 hours, or you are experiencing sharp pain, stop the mobilization techniques and seek out a skilled Physical Therapist for individualized care.

I have a high risk pregnancy. Can I do the Birth Prep classes?

If you have a high-risk pregnancy, please consult your OB prior to participating in our Birth Prep classes.

Can the Birth Prep modules be done alone?

We designed the classes to be completed in their entirety and recommend completing each module in the order laid out prior to doing any modules separately. After completing the entire program, then you can go back and continue with specific modules. The stabilization module, however, does stand alone and can be completed separately. If you are feeling loosey-goosey or have joint pain, we highly recommend continuing the stabilization exercises after you complete the course.

I’m postpartum - can I do the Birth Prep classes?

Yes! The ribcage module is appropriate at any time postpartum and can significantly help with breastfeeding-related pain, diastasis recti recovery, posture retraining and core activation. The rest of the modules are appropriate starting in phase three of the Fourth Trimester Postpartum Program.

Do I have to complete the Birth Prep classes within a certain timeframe?

We designed the Birth Prep classes to be completed in their entirety and in the order laid out. Ideally, the classes would be completed within one weekend. Going in order matters because sometimes locked areas in our body are blocked from opening until another area is released. This is the case of our hips and pelvis - our pelvis can’t open up if our hips are locked. The laid out order of unlocking maximizes your body’s potential to release. Since the order matters, we highly recommend that you try to complete all of the modules within one weekend to maximize the unlocking cascade in your body. If you are only able to do one module, always make sure to do some of the stabilization exercises afterwards.

What equipment do I need?

For these classes, you will need lots of different sized towels, a strap or belt, a small tennis-sized ball, medium-sized kids ball and a larger exercise ball.


Is Chelsea Method covered by insurance?

Unfortunately, Chelsea Method online programs are not covered by insurance.

What is the best way to contact Chelsea Method?

We’d love to hear from you. Click the "Message us" button on this page or  email us at

I feel like I need more help.

We offer private, online help called Sessions. Members get 50% off their first Session and 10% subsequent Sessions. You can book them here.

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