Do I have bad posture?

Is your posture limiting you as a mama? Knowing where your body is in space will empower you to move more efficiently.

Dr. Jessica Babich
Jessica is a physical therapist in New York City specializing in pelvic floor dysfunction and the founder of Chelsea Method.

Postural alignment is often a controversial topic. When people think of posture, they often think of a rigid, military-styled positioning of the spine. At Chelsea Method, we think gaining an understanding for a neutral alignment of the body is essential. But we also don’t believe that a neutral alignment should lead to rigidity.

Efficient posture is variant posture and it is important for your body to be able to move in and out of a variety of positions with ease, minimal effort and without pain. Learning how to maintain a stacked, neutral alignment as you are playing with your little one lying on the floor, and then lifting them up while getting off the floor, will give you access to an automatic core activation that will automatically stabilize your spine and protect your back. It is important to be able to find this neutral alignment so that your muscles don’t overwork and so that you don’t create pain patterns in your body.

Posture doesn’t have to always be perfect (we certainly know ours isn’t!) but knowing how to identify where your body is in space, and then knowing how to move back into a neutral alignment in any position, empowers you as a new mama to move safely, efficiently and with increased strength.

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