Unlock your body for birth.

Secrets to an efficient birth taught by expert pelvic floor therapists.

Giving birth is like running a marathon. In this course you’ll set yourself up for success by maximizing the efficiency of your muscles and joints—and it goes way beyond your pelvic floor.

Unlock pelvis
Loosen muscles
Maximize pushing power
Movement tests and self-assessments identify problem areas.
Learn expert techniques to mobilize your pelvis, hips and ribcage.
Stabilize your joints from head-to-toe.

Why do pregnant women love this course?

We’ve packed it with all the most effective techniques we know from treating hundreds of pregnant women in our physical therapy practice.

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Hillary S.
April 2020
“Stephanie and Jessica walked me through specific exercises that I can easily do both before and during labor to facilitate a smooth delivery. It’s pretty empowering to know I can actively prime and support my body for one of its biggest tasks!”
Lana R.
April 2020
“It targeted a lot of the issues I've been having since I pulled my back recently. This course made me feel safe in a time of uncertainty and while my body continues to get stronger.”

What is Unlock Your Body for Birth?

Identify locked areas in your body

These videos guide you through movement tests to self-assess locked areas in your body.


Hip mobility is essential for labor and delivery and restrictions can limit laboring options. This module teaches you how to unlock your hips for increased positions of comfort during the birthing process.


Having an open pelvis is essential for creating space in the birth canal. This module teaches you how to unlock your pelvis for an improved labor and delivery.


Your ribcage is intrinsically connected to your pelvis through posture, breath and connective tissue. This module teaches you how to unlock your ribcage for maximal pushing power.


After any unlocking technique, it is essential to stabilize - especially if you are pregnant or breastfeeding! This stabilization series helps to connect and stabilize your body from head-to-toe.

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