Real mom talk.

Why moms are talking about Chelsea Method.

Ariel Woodiwiss
Mama & Actor & Director / NYC
“It changed the way I approach my body postpartum.”

“Chelsea Method has helped me feel safe and connected to my body after the trauma of childbirth. It’s empowered me to trust the process of strengthening while healing.

The approach, while direct and instructive, is also personalized enough to make me feel like my recovery is exactly where it needs to be — and is only getting better with the programs support and guidance.

Chelsea Method’s program makes you feel like you've just grabbed a drink with old friends, attended a college course in anatomy/physiology and completed an epic counseling session! I’m thrilled to have found this program and am excited to continue progressing through each phase.”

“In a crowded mom bod industry, Chelsea Method is set apart.”

“Chelsea Method customizes updated neuromuscular science for the unique postpartum period.

As pelvic floor physios who work with women across the lifespan, Jessica and Stephanie recognize the specific needs of moms and respect the unique variability between bodies. They’ve developed an exercise program that is marked by holistic individual progression, not arbitrary timeframes.

In a crowded “mom bod” industry, Chelsea Method is set apart by the functionality and thoughtful progression for each stage of healing to reconnect to the automatic deep core stability using practical activities like breathing and postural checks as well as creative strengthening and plyometric training.”

Dr. Joanna Hess
Mama & Physical Therapist / NYC
Michelle Strong
Mama & Fashion Designer / NYC
“A vital role in my healing process.”

“Like most new mamas I took really good care of myself before and during pregnancy but once I had my daughter I didn't carve out the time necessary to care for myself.

The amount of progress I have made in less than a year far surpasses the years and years of seeing a list of other practitioners.

Coming back to your normal fitness routine postpartum can be so overwhelming, especially if you've had any kind of injury — I know my body is in safe and capable hands.”