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Proven postpartum workout programs for recovering from birth

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postpartum fitness, taught by experts

Safe, evidence-based workout programs designed and taught by top doctors of physical therapy.

These programs are built on years of experience treating postpartum patients as pelvic floor physical therapists.

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If your belly isn't co-operating after birth, you're not alone. Say bye-bye to mummy tummy with this unique program designed to heal ab separations. Recommended for moms at least 8 weeks postpartum.

Duration: 6 weeks

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Designed for moms who want to get a head start on their health and fitness. Safe enough to start day-one after giving birth. Recommended for moms less than 6 weeks postpartum.

Duration: 12 weeks

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If you feel like it's time to get moving again after having a baby, this series will help you safely increase your strength, power and confidence to return to whatever you love to do.

Duration: 11 weeks

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Pregnancy-related pain? We've got you covered in this series of movements taught by expert physical therapists. Treats a variety of pain incl. back, pelvic, shoulder, hip, etc.

Duration: Variable

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what can we help you with?

We cover a range of pregnancy and birth related goals and issues.

diastasis recti
First, we’ll identify if you have a diastasis recti and how severe it is. Then we’ll help you discover the underlying issues that might be causing your separation. Finally, we’ll coach you through safe and specific gap-closing core exercises while training you in correct posture and how to monitor for excessive pressure.
core and pelvic floor
Chelsea Method is taught by two pelvic floor specialists with over a decade treating all kinds of core and pelvic floor issues. We’ll show you how to provide a foundation for safe return to exercise and how to resolve issues like leaking, diastasis recti, prolapse and back pain.
back pain
Learn how to put your body in correct alignment—a critical skill for alleviating pain-causing pressure points. We’ll show you ways to move that protect your back, even with a child in tow. You’ll strengthen your core and pelvic floor to fix the causes of postpartum back pain.
We know c-section moms need a different kind of care. Our c-section recovery program is designed specifically for you. In addition to teaching you how to mobilize your scar, the c-section recovery program has a unique progression and structure from our other calendar recovery programs.
leaking (incontinence)
We’ll help you discover the underlying causes of your urinary incontinence and equip you to address the issue at its root. Our program addresses bladder habits, posture, pressure system regulation and guides moms through specific core and pelvic floor retraining exercises.
As we guide you through strengthening your pelvic floor, your prolapse will benefit. But we’ll go even further with addressing the alignment in your body, teaching you breath control, working through core strength exercises, and teach you all about healthy bowel and bladder habits.
restoring posture
Birth changes the way your body is aligned, and we’ll show you how to get back to a correct posture. This will help you be stronger and reduce pain.Chelsea method immediately addresses your posture, aware of its global impact on core strength, pain and optional function. Regain your optimal alignment and progressively strengthen the core and pelvic floor through a series of specially designed workouts.
regaining strength
We’ll guide you through workouts designed to turn your core back on and stabilizing your spine—a crucial part of regaining strength lost during pregnancy and birth. Next, we’ll build on that foundation and progress toward higher-level core, pelvic floor and full-body strength training.
returning to exercise
We know fitness is important to you, and you want to get back to your routine ASAP. Chelsea Method is designed to get you back to your normal fitness routine as quickly and as safely as possible. After each phase of the program, you’ll take a fitness test so you’ll know if you’re ready to move on.

Chelsea Method means

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