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Daily 5-minute workouts made for moms. Designed by pelvic floor specialists.
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Made just for moms

Simple, evidence-based workouts you'll actually enjoy doing every day
Daily 5-minute workouts
Create a habit of daily movement with challenging (but achievable) 5-minute workouts
Designed by doctors of physical therapy
Workout plans designed and taught by pelvic floor experts
No thinking required
No searching. No junk. No ads. Chelsea is simple, personal and safe.
Safe for moms
Daily, step-by-step guidance designed to safely restore and strengthen your body
A personal cheerleading squad
Stay accountable with small messaging groups that are fun and mom-positive
Backed by science
Uses modern research in women’s health and behavioral psychology
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Regular moms. Real results.

It's not about “beachbodies” or other fake promises. We're busy, working moms making small changes and seeing real results.
Caitlyn, Salt Lake City, UT
Jovia, Mount Kisco, NY
Macon, Seal Beach, CA
Sydney, Chicago, IL
Stumbling upon Chelsea Method has changed the way I think about working out. Every exercise program I’ve done in the past has required at least a 15 minute workout which I could never find the time for - so I’d wind up doing nothing. Not so with Chelsea Method! I’m obsessed with the daily 5 minute workout format because it’s actually possible to get a little me time even on those crazy busy days when I’m in full-blown mom mode. I can even sneak in a second (or third!) workout since it can be broken up throughout the day rather than all in one chunk of time. Not only do I feel better after a workout but the community is so supportive and encouraging. My overall activity level has increased because my body feels better and I want to keep moving. The fact that I can squeeze in these small yet effective workouts every day truly makes working out easy and worthwhile!


For the first time in my life I've successfully worked out daily. The videos are easy to follow and having them sent directly to my phone and able to be done anywhere and anytime even with my children all over me meant that I actually completed almost all the videos. Thank you Chelsea Method!

Nathalie P.

Chelsea Method has been a game changer for getting back in shape and healing postpartum. The program is fun and easy to use, and has gotten me moving daily on even the most hectic days as a busy mom of 4, in a way that supports pelvic floor and core healing that is so key after having a baby. The support and friendships with other moms in the program have been so motivating. And the results have been amazing. Ten months postpartum, I'm feeling strong again. I have lost almost 25 lbs (5 lbs away from my pre-babies normal!) and have seen huge progress in healing some prolapse issues and strengthening my pelvic floor and core. Try it, it's awesome!!!


I am so happy I signed up for the Chelsea Method. I’m in a small accountability group, and it’s such a kind group of moms. It’s nice to have others cheer you on when you complete your workout or get in more than one workout, but also cheer you on when you needed a rest day or took some time to prioritize something else. The Chelsea Method is manageable, fun, and makes for a strong foundation for any fitness goals!

Alex W.

Chelsea method is a great way to connect with moms who are doing life with goals and inspiration while keeping work and health on the front line. I love the freedom of choosing what fits my schedule when at the same time, you have the opportunity to have accountability if you choose it. There’s friendships being made, and moms being encouraged!!!! Also the exercises are amazing, designed to strengthen mom muscles to help us become the best where we are! You don’t need to buy equipment, you just need to devote 5 minutes a day. Yes, it’s worth it!!

Arie S.

I'm a full year postpartum and have been struggling with retained extra weight and feeling weaker and more tired than my pre-pregnancy self. I really wanted to start a habit of being active but didn't even know how to go about it. Being sent the daily workouts helped me much more than having to navigate to a webpage on my own time, and the group message thread helped me stay motivated knowing I wasn't alone. I love how hands on Stephanie is, and the quality of the videos and workouts is impressive! I felt comfortable knowing that the workouts are geared towards postpartum and I do feel much stronger already and ready to keep up my new daily workout habit!

Denae D.

Totally obsessed with the Chelsea method! I lost 3 pounds and I’m now in the habit of working out five days a week. I am 3 1/2 months postpartum and was dreading tank top and shorts weather. Thanks to the Chelsea method I am beginning to feel comfortable in my body again. Working out daily Is also such a great mood boost! I have more energy to get through the day as well.

Crista B.

I am almost a year in with Chelsea Method and it has been such a blessing to me. Becoming a mom changes your world and Chelsea Method is crafted just for that. This program has become much more than PT/expert led intentional and achievable workouts but also a place of community. Our small group is a support system to many of us and we engage with each other daily. The other moms in my group truly inspire me and we are all learning from each other. One of the biggest things I and many of the women in my group love is how approachable it is. The Daily 5 is almost always feasible and keeps us in the right headspace to be our best selves. Since signing up for my first program, I have felt improved physical strength, improved joint pain, increased mood + sense of accomplishment.

Jackie H.

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Meet the founders

Stephanie Stamas, PT, DPT, ATC, PRPC and Jessica Babich, PT, DPT, CFMT are doctors of physical therapy.

They met in New York City as coworkers at a pelvic health clinic and helped hundreds of women navigate their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journeys.

When Stephanie had trouble recovering from her first birth, she went looking for help. Finding nothing both medically sound and mom-friendly, she went to work building the solution she wished she had for herself.