DIY Summer Clock Hack

How to turn a cheap wall clock into a tool for managing summer with kids.

Katie Sue Webber
Katie Sue Webber
Mom to two sweet little boys. Helping moms is her passion.
Last updated
May 30, 2023

Summer break is fast approaching, which means it's time to prepare for the chaos that often comes along with it. You know, those moments when you're trying to find things to keep the kiddos entertained but also out of your hair? Well, one clever TikTok-using mom is here to save your sanity with a summer clock hack!

McKinnley Matson shared her ingenious DIY summer clock idea on TikTok, and it quickly went viral. The concept is simple yet effective: use a cheap wall clock to create a flexible yet structured schedule for your kids to follow during the summer break. She even offers some suggestions for modifications, like using pictures instead of words for little ones who are still learning to read.

But why is structure so important during summer break? Pediatrician Mollie Grow, MD, MPH of Seattle Children’s Hospital says that children can experience a loss of cognitive ability during summer break. Giving them a consistent routine and mental stimulation can help maintain math, reading, and spelling skills. Plus, having a reliable framework for the day can help kids feel more secure and avoid those dreaded "I'm bored" complaints.

Some other great ideas for keeping your kids engaged throughout the summer include daily reading and math problems, educational TV shows and games, and planning family field trips to things like museums and nature walks.

So, if you're already stressing about how to juggle work and keeping the kids entertained this summer, give McKinnley Matson's summer clock hack a try. It just might be the lifesaver you've been looking for!

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