"Poop School" Teaches Constipated Kids That Pooping Is Natural

Last updated
January 26, 2023

The call of nature doesn't always come naturally. For some children, pooping (or more specifically, not pooping) is a big problem. Young children tend to have trouble listening to their bodies and paying attention long enough to act on the urge. In older children, constipation is often the result of anxiety or embarrassment. The Cleveland Clinic in Ohio has been offering a "poop school" since 2015 that helps learn the basics of digestion, toilet habits, and pooping practices.

Experts estimate that 3% of children will suffer from functional constipation, resulting in 3-5% of all visits to pediatricians and up to 25% of all visits to pediatric gastroenterologists. If the condition is left untreated, children can develop encopresis, a condition where children who have already been toilet trained withhold bowel movements, inadvertently or not, and leak liquid stool around the harder stool, thus soiling their clothes.

Read more here [Buzzfeed News]

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