Why does my back hurt?

Back pain is a major complaint for postpartum women. Learn about the three most common causes.

Dr. Stephanie Stamas
Dr. Stephanie Stamas
Stephanie is a physical therapist in New York City specializing in pelvic floor dysfunction and the founder of Chelsea Method.
Last updated
January 26, 2023

Back pain is a common complaint for postpartum women. Whether it’s lower back, mid back or pain in the neck, there are three common underlying drivers of back pain - postural changes, trunk weakness and hormonal changes.

During pregnancy, your alignment changes to accommodate a growing baby. This often presents as a wider, tilted back rib cage and a rolled forward pelvis. Immediately postpartum, these postural changes are often even more exaggerated due to lengthened abdominal muscles and core weakness. This posture, plus the added weight of your little one, increases strain at accentuated stress points throughout the spine.  Continued release of the hormone relaxin also adds more laxity to your joints, increasing your susceptibility to injury. If you are breast-feeding relaxin stays in your body for even longer, increasing your risk of injury for up to a year postpartum. Chelsea method immediately addresses this posture, aware of its global impact on pain and function. Our program teaches new mamas how to regain their optimal alignment, guiding them through safe and efficient movement.

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