The Unpopular Secret To Raising Happy Kids

Child psychologist Tovah Klein says experiencing negative emotions is essential for developing resilience and emotional intelligence.

Katie Sue Webber
Katie Sue Webber
Mom to two sweet little boys. Helping moms is her passion.
Last updated
May 16, 2023

The key to raising a happy child is to allow them to be unhappy.

Tovah Klein, a child psychologist, emphasizes the importance of allowing children to experience unhappiness in order to foster their overall happiness, development and resiliency. Parents often try to immediately cheer up their children when they’re upset, but it’s essential to allow your kids to experience, address and navigate negative emotions. Teaching children how to manage being unhappy develops resilience and emotional intelligence.

Negative emotions are normal and temporary. Shielding children from unhappiness can lead to long-term behavioral problems and feelings of shame. By accepting and guiding their negative emotions, parents can support their children's emotional growth and help them develop the skills necessary to handle challenging situations, ultimately promoting their overall well-being and resilience in the long run.

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